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New school year, new GoFrench update!

Hey, everyone! August has arrived, and after an all-too-short summer break, school is rearing its ugly head once more. Thankfully, if you take French, there is at least one thing to be excited about in these dark times: You get the perfect opportunity to try out the super spiffy, all-new GoFrench update that I just released! On a more serious note, though, I have made some pretty exciting changes to GoFrench that should make it even nicer to use. These include a more refined and mobile-friendly design, the removal of some unnecessary information and clutter, and a few handy adjustments that should make it a bit easier to use. Additionally, I've made a bunch of tweaks and improvements behind the scenes such as bug fixes and code refinements. Overall, while it may not be a complete reimagining of what GoFrench can be, I would say that this update does make some very important upgrades and changes to it. So, as school starts up again and GoFrench celebrates its second birthday, you ca
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A new Violoncello for iOS update!

Hi, everyone. It's been around a month since I last released an update for the iOS version of Violoncello, so I think it's about time for a new one! As a result, I have gone ahead and released version 1.2.0, which is a fairly major update to the app. So, here's what's new: Quick Menu: You can now long-press the center menu button to access some handy shortcuts! These include options to edit the URL, start a new search, and navigate or search from your clipboard. Updated Bookmarks: Tired of Violoncello using page titles as bookmark names? If so, you'll be glad to know that you can now give bookmarks custom names! UI Improvements: I have made several noticeable improvements to the app's user interface in this update. The Little Things: This update also fixes some bugs and makes some quality improvements to the app.  While it hasn't been approved for release by Apple yet, this version should hopefully be rolling out very soon to the App Store . I hope you&#

Violoncello Updates and Other Fall 2021 Plans

Hey, everyone! After a long trip to Michigan and then the west coast, I'm finally back home and able to resume work on my projects. In this post, I'll be going over some of my plans for this fall. So, let's begin! Violoncello Updates This fall, my main focus will continue to be Violoncello! Since its launch in November 2020, it has become my most successful project ever, and I have really enjoyed working on it and improving it over time. There's still a ton of new things I want to work on and add to the app, so I will likely be spending a considerable amount of time doing so for the foreseeable future! Other Plans While Violoncello is going to be my primary focus, I also want to dedicate some time to improving some other existing projects. These include TaskNudge and Compliment Moi as you probably would expect, but also LifeBoard, binoc, and some of my Wear OS projects among other things. My hope is that I will be able to continue to improve and polish these projects wh

Google Pixel Astrophotography Made Me Rethink What Smartphone Photography Could Be

Hey, everyone! Though this may change with the introduction of Google's rumored homegrown "Whitechapel" SOC, as of now, the main reasons most people seem to buy a Pixel phone are their value, software, and of course, the stunning photos they can produce.  The first point, value, mainly has to do with the fact that Google continues to sell its very capable Pixel 4a for just $349 here in the United States, making it one of the most compelling budget Android phones available for sale in this part of the world. Furthermore, another factor that makes it such a great option at that price is Google's software. From the clean Android experience to the frequent updates, there's a lot to like about the software experience on a Pixel. However, as my fellow tech enthusiasts surely know, Google's main claim to fame with its Pixel smartphones has traditionally been their excellent image processing. Though the Pixel 5 may use the same primary sensor as the last few Pixels, i

A bunch of app updates!

Hey, everyone! As I prepare to take a break from my usual projects for a few weeks, I have been releasing several app updates recently. Rather than writing separate posts about each one, I decided that it would the most sense to write one giant post about all of them at the end of the month. So, here’s what’s new in the updates that have been released (or will be rolling out shortly) over the last week! Violoncello for iOS v1.1 Over the last few days, I haven’t released just one update for the iOS version of Violoncello, but instead two! This was not my original plan, but I submitted an update earlier today that fixes a minor bug that I discovered. It’s still waiting for review, but it should be out soon. Anyway, the much more notable update for the iOS version of Violoncello was released a few days ago, and it makes a few important improvements to the app. For example, the URL bar’s context menu now features a “paste and go” option. This may seem pretty minor, but it is definitely han

Compliment Moi for iOS just got a major update and redesign!

Hey, everyone! Today, I am very excited to announce that Compliment Moi for iOS is about to receive a major new update. It's currently waiting for review at the time I'm writing this, but it should hopefully be approved very soon. Anyway, version 1.3.0 brings a lot of improvements to the app, so here's what's new: Compliment Score: This fun new feature helps you keep track of how many times you compliment yourself. Compete with your friends and family to get the highest score! UI Improvements: Many parts of Compliment Moi have been redesigned to make it even easier and more fun to use! It now features a snazzy tab layout, and I have also gone ahead and added a splash screen to the app. Other Fixes: Finally, this update makes several changes behind the scenes and squashes some bugs. With any luck, as I mentioned earlier, this update will hopefully be available on the App Store within the next day or two. Until then, be sure to keep and eye out for it! Anyway, thanks

A massive update for the Android version of Violoncello!

Greetings, everyone! Today, I am very excited to announce that I have released a positively massive update for the Android version of Violoncello: v1.7.0. Not only does it bring a plethora of changes and improvements to the app's UI, but it also introduces quite a few exciting new features. So, without further ado, here's what's new! New Bookmarks Manager:  Violoncello for Android has historically had a somewhat basic bookmarks manager. While it got the job done, it lacked polish and was less advanced than its iOS counterpart. As a result, I decided to make a new bookmarks manager for this update! It can be accessed by the new bookmarks button on the navigation bar, and it displays your bookmarks in a list of cards. Not only are they automatically alphabetized, but you can easily filter them by a quick search. Additionally, managing them is very intuitive and easy to get the hang of, especially if you are familiar with how LifeBoard works. Basically, you can tap on a bookma